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​H3 (Heroes Helping Heroes) Adventure Camps

Service to our country doesn’t end when a serviceman/servicewoman leaves their military service. The constant feeling and need to give back is a life style; it’s a core part of what makes our servicemen and women who they are. 
Many service men and women have the need to continue to serve in some manner and doing so is a critical part of adjusting to civilian life and dealing with post-combat life. Serving fellow heroes in need is an opportunity that benefits many. 1000 Miles Till Home in partnership with Warriors and Rodeo (WAR) is proudly working together to make this dream a reality with H3 Adventure Camps.
H3 Adventure Camps will be special retreat cabins to help our military heroes escape civilian life and be able to be carefree and put all their worries and stresses on hold for a bit. These camps will be built throughout the country, with the first, Camp Alpha, being located in southern Missouri near Mansfield. Each camp will be secluded and far from the hustle and bustle of the busy day-to-day grind and civilian life.
H3 Camp Alpha will be run and maintained by military and first responders with the purpose of giving back to their brothers and sisters in arms. Camp Alpha will be available to our American Heroes for the following purposes:

1. A retreat to escape the stresses of civilian life. This will help refresh and reenergize and in turn will help private and professional lives be more manageable and thus successful.

2. A hunting camp- H3 Camp Alpha will host guided hunting trips in the Mark Twain National Forest, as well as partner with ranch owners in southern Missouri to provide turkey, deer, squirrel, and rabbit hunting trips for those who serve and their family free of charge. 

3. A Fishing Camp- Southern Missouri is host to numerous famous fishing lakes. H3 Camp Alpha will work with professional fishermen and businesses to provide opportunities of top of the line fishing; again free to our Heroes.

We are so excited about this venture and believe this is only the beginning of a nationwide network of H3 Facilities that will have one thing in common…. serving those you have sacrificed so much for our country and freedoms.
Future Camp locations below:
Camp Bravo – will be located near Grand Junction, CO 
Camp Charlie – will be located near Decatur, TX 
Camp Delta – will be located near Reno, NV 

Join us in helping those who have sacrificed and done so much for our country. 

To learn more on how you can help visit www.1000milestillhome.com/